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Why join RocketBurst?

RocketBurst is a free, revolutionary new platform for creators around the globe. Here are just a few reasons to join.

RocketBurst Dashboard

Get free access to our growth tools, as well as a range of applications & sponsorships through the RocketBurst Dashboard.

Free Hosting & Sponsorships

Our partners can benefit from free hosting & sponsorship deals from a variety of companies. From game-servers to webhosting, we have it all.

Free, Forever.

The best part? RocketBurst is completely free to use. No fees, contracts or revenue share percentages to deal with.

No Contracts

Unlike MCN`s, RocketBurst does not have any contracts or require any access to your YouTube account. Creators are truly free.

No Minimum Requirements

All channels are welcome to join our platform, despite your channel size! There are also no long signup processes either!

Lightning Support

Need help? Our experienced team are on hand to help you with your questions, any time, anywhere.

Our Dashboard

Where the magic happens! Signup to receive free access the RocketBurst dashboard. Here are some of the features available!

Growth Tools

Gain access to tools such as our video share - Gain more views from other real creators like yourself using our points system.

Sponsorship Access

Free access to a range of free sponsorships, such as game & website hosting directly from the dashboard!

Creator Applications

Gain access to a variety of free applications, such as our image editor & SEO keyword optimizer!


Get support from the RocketBurst dashboard! Fast, convenient support all in one location.

Know More About Us

We prefer to be fully transparent, and honest with our clients.
Find out some more information about RocketBurst Media, and the team behind it.

About Us

RocketBurst initially started as a YouTube sub-network to help channels of all sizes. Due to new YouTube network ToS, we were forced to close RocketBurst operations as a network.

We decided to start our own platform, without any contracts, revenue shares or fees for creators, that would actually help them grow! We are constantly developing our panel, and are committed to providing the best possible service to all of our clients.

We are currently ran by a team of 4 commited individuals, who all share the same passion for helping creators, despite size or content.


No. RocketBurst is a free, exclusive platform designed to provide creators with tools and sponsorships to help you grow.
We only require a email address and password to sign up to RocketBurst! As we don't have any minimum requirements, there is no wait time - and your account is setup instantly.
100%! All of our features and tools are 100% free. No costs, hidden fees or contracts.
500K+ Subscribers
350+ Members
20M+ Views


Feel free to shoot us a message!
If you are a partner and require support, please use the support tab within your RocketBurst dashboard!